Thoughts after the Election

Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the rest.

This is one of my favorite lines attributed to the incomparable Winston Churchill.  According to Snopes and the Churchill Society he actually did say something to that effect, which should surprise no one.  The last few weeks have certainly reminded us the “worst” of our system; of how hard and trying at times the way we govern ourselves can be.  Democracy is messy, difficult, and at times painfully slow.  And yet is it is satisfying and to see it actually work. It’s far better than the alternative.

Many folks were concerned about how well our voting system would hold up amidst the challenges of a pandemic and a polarized electorate.  It seemed to withstand the stresses of the last few weeks and do what it is supposed to do – count all the votes that were legally cast.  Let’s hear it for the poll workers and local election officials!  While we can have different opinions about the results of this election, it is heartening to know that our voting system and the institutions of state government that manage them appear to be doing just fine.

This Sunday we will take a moment to pause and reflect on this challenging political season, and give thanks that hopefully this election is now behind us.  Inge Engler is playing the violin and Sarah Napoline is sharing a fun and timely story.  See you in church,