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Giving and Stewardship

Where do First Parish’s operating and outreach expenditures come from?

The annual Stewardship Campaign is the financial foundation for the operation of First Parish Church.  This is where our community comes together to financially support all the activities of that are so meaningful to our church family.  These activities include the programs that bring us together in friendship and fellowship, the programs that give the our children and grandchildren a grounding in religion and life, the programs the lead us outward to help others who may be less fortunate, and the Sunday services and sermons that challenge us to think.

First Parish has several sources of revenue of which Stewardship is by far the single most important.  Stewardship covers 52% of all expenses and is the area that enables the church to maintain its financial stability.  First Parish is blessed with a financial legacy from all those who came before us and Stewardship is where we make our contribution to keep our programs and community vibrant.  Without Stewardship, much of what we need and treasure would not be possible.

Each year, we ask parish households to make a financial commitment to the Stewardship fund.  Click here to submit your online stewardship commitment.

The commitment may be changed at any time if circumstances dictate by contacting the Parish Administrator.  All donations to First Parish are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by federal law. 

How do we decide how much to give?

The simple answer to this question is: “Give until it feels good,” until you know you are doing your part.

There are several ways one’s Stewardship commitment can be paid:

  1. Cash/check delivered/mailed at any time
    (weekly and monthly offering envelopes are available upon request)
  2. Set up recurring bank payment
  3. IRA Distributions
  4. Donation of stock shares
  5. Recommendation of a grant from a Donor Advised Fund
  6. PayPal donations – PayPal Link

Information on Gifting Stock

1. Submit a commitment card for the 2021 Stewardship Campaign to indicate your desire to donate stock.

2. If you use a non-Vanguard broker: Use the following draft letter to instruct your broker to send stock to the FPCW account in order to make a stock contribution. Please make sure you send a copy to: admin[at]

Your letterhead and date

Your Broker’s address

Dear Broker:

I wish to make a charitable contribution today of (number) of shares of (Name of Company) common stock from my account with you, (account number). This contribution is for (state purpose such as Stewardship 2021, endowment, etc.). Please transfer the shares via DTC to the account of Vanguard Brokerage Services, DTC #0062. The shares should be credited to the account of The First Parish Church in Weston, account number #85712246.


Your Name

Cc: Parish Administrator
The First Parish Church in Weston
349 Boston Post Rd.Weston, MA 02493

3. If you use Vanguard Brokerage Services, there is a form on their website to transfer stock from your account to First Parish’s.