First Parish Church in Weston

2022 Stewardship Campaign

Why do we need your support?

The pandemic created many challenges over the last year and half, and required Jeff and team to innovate and utilize new and different ways to stay connected with our members. Your Stewardship dollars allow First Parish to meet the evolving needs of our congregation through these challenging times, and we hope you will consider making a financial contribution to First Parish this year.

Make Your 2022 Pledge Commitment Now!

First Parish made significant financial investments to address the challenges which allowed the church to continue to provide hopeful and inspiring worship services throughout the pandemic.  If you haven’t recently attended a worship service or other event at the church— view one of our recent services (both pre-recorded & produced and live-stream recordings), come worship in person, or join our live stream on Sunday mornings.

The pandemic impacted many of the traditional ways we used to come together as a congregation. Jeff & the team have done a terrific job addressing the needs of the church and our parishioners; they stayed nimble and quickly navigated the challenges of the pandemic, creating relevant and engaging programs while remaining open to new techniques and strategies.

While most of our visible events like weekly worship are certainly experiencing changes, we have a long list of extremely important and impactful charitable outreach programs and services that have continued throughout the pandemic, whether it’s organizing and supporting of the Weston CARES Fund or opening our doors and online resources to host programs and events for the larger community. All of our social justice and humanitarian activities might not be quite as visible to each of us, but it is your ongoing support that allows First Parish to continue to be a real community presence and leader.

In addition to excellent recorded or outdoor worship services and volunteer initiatives, we continue to try new ways to bring people together for events at the church with parishioners, families, and the wider community. We have had many popular programs including regular summer movie nights and last year’s Outdoor Harvest Festival. This fall we are introducing our new Sunday Evening Family Service & Supper; held once a month, this shorter multigenerational service includes different types and styles of worship, readings, and music. All of these are just a few examples of the activities and events that are going on at First Parish on a regular basis.

Each time I talk to Jeff or Betsy in the Parish Office and I hear all the busy things they’re doing, I’m amazed and reminded about what a high level of activity that goes on week-to-week and every month at the church.

* * *

To learn more about the 2022 Stewardship Campaign and the many ways that First Parish supports our parishioners and the larger community, watch the remarks by Kurt Flory (Stewardship Chair) and/or by Rev. Jeff Barz-Snell at our Stewardship Sunday service on September 26, 2021. We are hoping to achieve 100% participation in the 2022 Stewardship campaign from all of our members and active church participants – we hope you can help us meet this goal!

All contributions to First Parish are tax-deductible. Donations in support of the Stewardship Campaign can be made in a variety of ways – see the Giving & Stewardship page for more details.

Thank you!

Kurt Flory
Chair of the Stewardship Committee