UU Wellspring

Learn more about Wellspring,
a small-group program for Unitarian Universalists

Fostering Connection and Friendships in the New Year. 

Let 2023 be your year to deepen your spiritual life! First Parish Church in Weston is offering UU Wellspring, a ten-month spiritual deepening program created for Unitarian Universalists.

The group of about ten will experience deep listening and spiritual reflection. You will be offered pre-session readings and short videos that are focused on spiritual topics and UU Theology.

A sense of personal purpose and meaning arises from UU Wellspring’s unique combination of spiritual practices, spiritual companionship, readings, and heart-opening sessions. A sustaining joy emerges while deepening commitment to making change in ourselves and our world.

Please join us for a year of spiritual deepening beginning with a retreat led by UU Wellspring. Meetings will likely be on the first and third Thursdays at 7 pm, or what works for the group, and we will take a summer break.  It sounds like a lot but this quickly becomes one of the favorites times each month for many people.

For more information on UU Wellspring and their excellent resources, check out this introductory video and / or information page at their website.

Please Contact Jeff Barz-Snell (jeffbarzsnell@firstparishweston.org) for more information and/or to confirm your participation, or call the Church Office, (781) 893-7798.