Update on COVID and the Ukraine Crisis

Several people have asked me about our policies regarding COVID.  Currently the cases of the latest variant are increasing in the Boston area.  Given the number of local people who travel between here and Europe and Southeast Asia, we have decided for the time being to continue to ask people to wear a mask during our Sunday morning service and sit in alternating pews to ensure social distancing.  Given that we continue to sing in-person, we thought this was prudent.

In addition, we continue to have fresh air measures in place, including keeping the doors open to the outside, fans moving air, and having commercial-grade HEPA air filtration in the sanctuary.  These air treatment measures have allowed us to stay open and gather in-person for church all winter long without any reported cases or infections. So we thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation.

Regarding the Ukraine: like all of us, I have been shocked and saddened to read and watch the accounts of the savage murder of unarmed civilians by the Russian Army.  The reports from Bucha, a town / suburb just north of Kiev, are both terrifying and infuriating.  This is what human evil looks like.

I have spoken with several of you who found it helpful to receive the list we shared of “pre-vetted,” credible non-profit and non-governmental organizations helping Ukraine and their refugees.  That list can be found here on our website.

In addition, I recommend this very thoughtful recent article about “How Individual People Can Most Help Ukraine,” by Joe Pinsker in The Atlantic.  The author offers a very helpful set of clear-eyed tips for folks looking to make a difference, now and going forward.  I personally have made a donation to the Ukrainian non-profit Razom and also donated a modest amount of bitcoin to the nation of Ukraine directly – a first for me and probably many people.

This Sunday, Holy Week begins with our celebration of Palm Sunday.  Join us if you can for music, stories and – of course – palms.  See you in church,