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First Parish Church SchoolAt First Parish, we believe that tending to the spirit in the midst of busy lives is important for all people, no matter their age. Church School gives children a chance to develop the tools and habits they will need to pay attention to their spiritual journeys for the rest of their lives. Welcome to a place where we are all learning and growing in grace and wisdom all the time!

We explore spiritual experiences with our young people together not only in the classroom, but also through youth group events, music programs, multi-generational worship, and outreach projects. Religious education involves the whole church community nurturing the spiritual dimensions of family life by making sacred connections. Our joint role is to teach our youth how to think independently and respectfully, how to act compassionately and cooperatively, how to foster tolerance and appreciation.

Our leadership team would be happy to speak with you further about any questions, concerns, or ideas you have in regards to religious education at First Parish. Please feel free to contact our Director of Family Ministries, Chris Scheller.

Church School

Our Philosophy

Infants - Kindergarten

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Grades 5-6

Grades 7-8

Church School Calendar

Outreach Projects


Church School Objectives

  • To explore our religious and biblical heritage
  • To provide an opportunity for worship
  • To give each child a sense of belonging to a church community that cares about him/her
  • To help each child develop a sense of commitment toward creating a more just, compassionage, and free world

Through these goals, we hope to nurture our children's relgious growth and broaden their understanding of themselves as religious persons following in the tracitions summaried by our congregation's historic Ames Covenant, adopted in 1884:
In the love of truth and in the spirit of Jesus Christ, we join for the worship of God and the service of humankind.

Learn more about VOLUNTEERING with Church School or REGISTERING ONLINE for our programs. You can also view our PARENT GUIDELINES.

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