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“What Can WEston Do?” – a Candid Discussion about Race and our local Community featuring the Zebra Friends Podcast Hosts

January 12, 2022

Zebra Friends on “What Can Weston Do?”
(In-Person and via Zoom)
our next installment in this year’s All Parish Read Program

“Each time a person reaches across caste and makes a connection, it helps to break the back of caste. Multiplied by millions in a given day, it becomes the flap of a butterfly wing that shifts the air and builds to a hurricane across an ocean.”

— Isabel Wilkerson, Caste

On January 26, we will host Part 2 of our year-long program around Caste by Isabel Wilkerson with a live discussion about the book featuring the Zebra Friends Podcast hosts Sara Hunter and Katani Sumner. Following their conversation, we will break into small groups for discussion, after which the online and in-person audiences will have the opportunity for Q&A with Katani and Sara.

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