We give thanks for love and true belonging.

We give thanks for intimacy, for being truly seen and known, for affection, companionship, and devotion. We give thanks for our romantic partnerships, those relationships where we bring our whole selves. We give thanks for significant others, for finding our “person” (or people). We give thanks for deep passion and authentic connection.

On this, Trans Day of Remembrance, we also give thanks for self-love and all kinds of gender and gender expressions. We give thanks for hearts that are able to break from sorrow and the pain of injustice and violence. We give thanks for the opportunity to remember, reflect, and recommit to really and truly loving ALL our neighbors. We give thanks for churches and spiritual communities who work every day to be a place of belonging, who shout from the rooftops that God loves the trans community – that God loves everyone. We give thanks to trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people for showing us what it means to be authentic and brave.

We give thanks for our bodies, in all their abilities and forms. The human body is an amazing creation, capable of so many things. We give thanks for health and wellness and the many forms that takes. We give thanks for all kinds of medicine – traditional, modern, alternative, holistic, complementary… We give thanks for healthcare professionals, for scientific advancements and research, for vaccinations and solutions to age-old problems.

We give thanks for the intimacy of relationships, the intimacy of being seen and known, the intimacy of our bodies. We give thanks for this human life.


How have your romantic relationships enriched your life?

How do you care for mental, spiritual, and physical health?

In what ways can you support, advocate for, welcome, and celebrate people who are transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming? If you identify as such, how can you care for yourself and love yourself?

What do you appreciate about your body or about human bodies in general?

A gift from a loving partner– two dozen red roses.

Messages of love & support during the pandemic. “Stay safe – we love you”

Feeling gratitude after receiving the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.