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Social Concerns

Church School families collected many gifts for residents from the Bridge Over Troubled Waters program.

Social Responsibility is a central part of church life at First Parish and is expressed at all levels, including:

  • housing the Roxbury-Weston Preschool in our buildings since 1966

  • serving meals at Bristol Lodge in Waltham

  • the Church School's Guest at Your Table, Christmas Toy ingathering programs, Heifer Project, Rice stick and Tea, and so many other projects

  • the Outreach Committee's direct contributions of over $50,000 a year to area programs aiding victims of violence, homelessness and addressing the development needs of children

  • Participation in the anti-racism efforts of Weston's ICARE (Interfaith Citizens Advocating Racial Equality)

  • Sermons on racism, peace and other issues of social justice


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