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Caring at First Parish,
shepherded by the Pastoral Caller Committee

Our mission

The mission of the Pastoral Callers Committee is to work with our clergy to facilitate a caring community by ensuring that there is a response when someone in our community is in need.  It may be illness, surgery, problems related to aging or chronic illness, depression, grief or stress related to other life events.

The key to being a caring community is to trust each other enough to ask for help for ourselves or for someone we know in our community. 

Our response may be:

  • A phone call.
  • A note
  • Meals
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Emergency childcare
  • Shopping or errands
  • Small “fix-it” jobs or mending
  • A regular visit to someone who is chronically homebound.

Who provides the help?

We invite parishioners to participate in this ministry by joining our "Volunteer Caring Network."  If you are interested, please contact the Church Office, or fill out one of the blue “Caring Network” cards in the sanctuary pew racks and place it in the offerting plate during worship.

Respecting confidentiality and understanding the fine line between helping and invading one’s privacy are primary objectives of the Pastoral Callers.  We strive to use discretion in all communication.

How to ask for help

Call the Church Office at 781-893-7798
Email the Church Office

Recommendations in dealing with others, from a meeting sponsored by the Pastoral Calling Committee:
Reaching Out when a Suicide or a Sudden Death Occurs: What's Helpful and Not Helpful
Recommendations for Pastoral Callers Re: Divorce