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Seeking Donations for the Nursery!

August 28, 2022

First Parish is working on improvements for our nursery/childcare setup for our littlest members and friends! Instead of starting from scratch, we are soliciting donations of gently used items for our nursery and childcare area. We are looking for items that range from larger items/furniture to small toys.

In particular, we are in search of:

  • two rocking chairs
  • a kiddie-size table and chairs
  • a small radio or CD player
  • a simple floor baby bouncer
  • a “Bumbo” floor booster seat
  • cardboard building blocks
  • modern/recent children’s books
  • infant board books or fabric activity books
  • quiet “fidget” toys like pop-it shapes, twist snake toys, or play putty

We have also created a Church School/Nursery Amazon Wish List for folks who don’t have items to donate or would prefer to purchase items directly. Here is the link to the wishlist!

The list includes items that would be helpful for all our family activities, including Sunday morning church school, and our nursery & childcare.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!


Note: Due to space limitations, health regulations, and safety standards, we cannot always use donations as intended by the giver; if we are unable to use your donation and it is still in working order, it will be donated. In order to ensure the safety of all items placed in the nursery, please make sure a staff member receives your donation, either in person at the church office or by notifying Rev. Sarah at