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Music Discernment Study Results

October 20, 2023

Dear First Parish Community,

In June of 2022, after 50+ years of service, our Music Director, Bill Sano, retired. Bill leaves behind a wonderful legacy and many appreciative church members.

As a testament to Bill’s commitment, he made sure the Music Program had some ongoing continuity, and recommended T.J. Rufo to serve as the Interim Music Director for this church year.

During this transition period, the Standing Committee feels the church has an ideal opportunity to take a step back and gain a better understanding of our current music program and how we would like to develop it going forward.

We have an inspiring music program but see this change in leadership as an opportunity to assess our current program and identify ways that we can meet the needs of our congregation in the ever-changing world of faith and community.

Over the past eighteen months, a group of eighteen people developed a questionnaire, interviewed music directors, visited other churches, developed a congregational survey and analyzed the survey results.

On October 22, after church services, Nancy Piedra will be presenting the results of this study. Click the link below to see a copy of the slide presentation.

the Music Discernment Team

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Music Discernment Study Results

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