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Join the UU Virtual Easter Egg Hunt! 

March 31, 2021

Join the UU Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!
begins Saturday, April 3rd 

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Can you track down the Easter Bunny’s prize? 
First Parish is participating in this year’s UU Virtual Easter Egg Hunt! 

Last year, over 80 congregations in the U.S. and Canada collaborated to create a virtual Easter egg hunt: each congregation put an Easter Egg somewhere on their website, and then the egg was a hyperlink to another congregation’s website.  Participants clicked through and followed the eggs, and at the end, found themselves on a ‘prize page,’ full of Easter fun. Over 5,000 Unitarian Universalists participated!

The hunt officially starts on Saturday, April 3rd (and is available through May 1st). Start on the main landing page— from there you choose whether you want to do the “Easy”  or “Difficult” egg hunt. For the “easy” egg hunt you simply follow the eggs you find on each webpage to the prize page at the end. For the “difficult” egg hunt, each egg links you to the congregation’s home page, and you need to search the entire website for the Easter egg with the next link. Both hunts will take you to the same prize page, so it doesn’t matter which you choose. Just have fun!

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt – Start Here!