Chat & Check-in with the Pastor

Happy Summer! Chat with the Pastor is taking a break for the summer and will be back in the fall of 2021.

We are leaving this page up for now since several folks have used this page as a link for the Seeing White Podcast that we used as a springboard for a very engaging discussion last fall and winter.

* * *

About the Podcast:

Seeing White is a 14-episode audio series produced by the award-winning “Scene-on Radio” program from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. It is a timely and engaging series that explores the history and current reality of race in America. By exploring our history and the legacy of racism, we begin to see more clearly the tacit assumptions many of us make as Americans.

Join us for a weekly online virtual drop-in time with the Rev. Jeff Barz-Snell.  Meeting each week at “tea-time,”  Jeff will host a Zoom-based chat to check-in with everyone with an option to discuss an episode of the award-winning podcast, “Seeing White.” Listening to the podcast in advance is an invitation, not a requirement. Jeff will always be prepared to discuss the series if people would like. For more information on the schedule of episodes, see below.


Th 11/5/20S2   E1: Turning the LensS2 E2: How Race was Made

Th 11/12/20S2 E3: Made in America

Th 11/19/20S2 E4: On Crazy, We Built a Nation

Th 11/26/20No Meeting – Thanksgiving


Th 12/3/20S2   E5: Little War on the Prairie

Th 12/10/20S2 E6: That’s Not Us, So We’re  Clean

Th 12/17/20     No Meeting 

Th 12/24/20    No Meeting – Xmas Eve

Th 12/31/20    No Meeting – New Years Eve


Th 1/7/21S2   E7: Chenjerai’s Challenge

Th 1/14/21S2 E8: Skulls and Skin

Th 1/21/21S2  E9: A Racial Cleansing in America

Th 1/28/21S2 E10: Citizen Thind


Th 2/4/21S2   E11: Danger

Th 2/11/21S2  E12: My White Friends

Th 2/18/21S2 E13: White Affirmative Action

Th 2/25/2021S2  E14: Transformation (Seeing White, Part 14)