Chat & Check-in with the Pastor

Thursdays at 4:00 pm this Fall & Winter

Zoom Meeting ID – 926 4053 4044

Join us for a weekly online virtual drop-in time with the Rev. Jeff Barz-Snell.  Meeting each week at “tea-time,”  Jeff will host a Zoom-based chat to check-in with everyone with an option to discuss an episode of the award-winning podcast, “Seeing White.” Listening to the podcast in advance is an invitation, not a requirement. Jeff will always be prepared to discuss the series if people would like. For more information on the schedule of episodes, see below.

About the Podcast:

Seeing White is a 14-episode audio series produced by the award-winning “Scene-on Radio” program from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. It is a timely and engaging series that explores the history and current reality of race in America. By exploring our history and the legacy of racism, we begin to see more clearly the tacit assumptions many of us make as Americans.

Note: if you are new to podcasts and would like some help on how best to stream or listen to episodes on your phone or computer, feel free to reach out to Jeff or Sarah. We are happy to assist. Be advised: once you start getting the hang of podcasts, you may never go back to simply using TV or radio.

The Schedule for Jeff’s Check-in and Podcast Discussion can be found here.

The Schedule of Episodes is also posted below:

Th 11/5/20 S2 E1: Turning the Lens & S2 E2: How Race was Made
Th 11/12/20 S2 E3: Made in America
Th 11/19/20 S2 E4: On Crazy We Built a Nation
Th 11/26/20 No Meeting – Thanksgiving
Th 12/3/20 S2 E5: Little War on the Prairie
Th 12/10/20 S2 E6: That’s Not Us, So We’re Clean
Th 12/17/20 S2 E7: Chenjerai’s Challenge
Th 12/24/20 Check in but no podcast discussion – Xmas Eve
Th 12/31/20 No Meeting – New Years Eve
Th 1/7/21 S2 E8: Skulls and Skin
Th 1/14/21 S2 E9: A Racial Cleansing in America
Th 1/21/21 S2 E10: Citizen Thind
Th 1/28/21 S2 E11: Danger
Th 2/4/21 S2 E12: My White Friends
Th 2/11/21 S2 E13: White Affirmative Action
Th 2/18/21 S2 E14: Transformation (Seeing White, Part 14)