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Tom Wintle

Welcome to our First Parish website! Peruse these webpages to get a sense of who we are, to view our sanctuary and chapel, and you are most welcome to visit us in person and to join the Church. Also visit the Favorite Sermons, and Having a Wedding at FPCW.

You might ask what is special about how we "do church" here.

Our Welcome: Gathered in 1698 by the Puritan settlers of Weston, First Parish was founded to serve all the residents in our neighborhood and was known as the “parish” or town church. Click here for a chronology of significant events in our more than 300 years of ministry.

This town church identity still guides us, for we seek to be a vibrant community church:
“Whoever you are, wherever you find yourself on your journey of faith,
you are welcome here at First Parish.”

Our Covenant: We worship and educate ourselves and our children in ways formed by the Puritans and reformed by the Unitarians, and guided by our covenant:
“In the love of truth, and in the spirit of Jesus Christ,
we unite for the worship of God and the service of humankind.”

Our Aspiration:
“You will be cared for, and you will be asked to care for others.”

Come, let us worship together.

Thomas D. Wintle
Senior Minister


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