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Thomas Wintle

Tom sitting on Hadrian's Wall,
which protects England from raids
by rampaging Picts and Scots.

The Rev. Dr. Thomas D. Wintle

Senior Minister

Tom has been Senior Minister here since 1995, following 20 years as pastor of the Unitarian Church in Lancaster, Massachusetts. He has been active in denominational and ecumenical affairs, is a field education supervisor for Harvard Divinity School, has served as editor of the Unitarian Universalist Christian theological journal for two decades and also is editor of Healing Ministry, a journal for hospice and emergency services chaplains.

His undergraduate degree is from the University of Nebraska (history) and his doctorate from Chicago Theological Seminary, affiliated with the University of Chicago. He has enjoyed two sabbaticals at Oxford University (Mansfield College, 1983, and Manchester College, 1991), with additional study in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg, 2002) and at Durham Cathedral (England, 2003).

As Senior Minister he supervises lay staff, and has primary responsibility for worship, administration and pastoral care.

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