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Ministerial Internship Program

The First Parish Church in Weston is a vigorous suburban Boston congregation with a strong social justice orientation and a wonderful Church School program. Ministerial Interns have the opportunity for learning about all ministerial vocations in a supportive congregation long devoted to supporting ministers-in-training. An active Unitarian Universalist Christian congregation, with approximately 500 members, First Parish also has a large staff team that serves members and church visitors from an assortment of religious backgrounds.

Each internship program is tailored to the educational and experiential needs and hopes of the individual intern. Past work experiences and future vocational goals are considered when establishing the time and effort the intern will devote to youth and children's programs, adult religious education, worship leadership, committee support, etc. Interns also are expected to be part of the working ministerial program team and will spend most Sundays either assisting or leading in worship, leading Children's Chapel or visiting Church School programs. Working part-time, interns can be flexible in determining their weekly schedule but are expected to be present for weekly staff meetings (currently Monday mornings) and to be accessible during the week to staff and parishioners for other program and pastoral needs. A diverse and committed Intern Committee, with whom the intern meets regularly, is in place.

Supervisor: Rev. Dr. Thomas D. Wintle, Senior Minister (781.893.7798, x 101)

Compensation: $700.00 monthly stipend

Past Interns (all were Unitarian Universalists except as noted) include:

David Miller Kohlmeier (2015-2017), Andover Newton Theological School

Jennifer Duhamel (2013-2015), Andover Newton Theological School

Celie Katovitch (2011 - 2013), Harvard Divinity School

Helen (Holly) Haynes (2009 - 2011), Harvard Divinity School

Kelly Cummins (2007-2009), Boston University

Anthony Lorenzen (2005-2007), Harvard Divinity School

Sarah Person (2003-2005), Boston University School of Theology

Ciael Hills (2002-2003), Andover Newton Theological School

Peter Boullata (2000-2002), Emmanuel College, University of Toronto

Alan Hunt (1998-2000), Andover Newton Theological School

Tim Kutzmark (1997-1998), Harvard Divinity School

Jeff Barz-Snell (1995-1997), Boston University School of Theology

Richard Trudeau (1991-1993)

Marianne Power (1989-1991)

Jenny Rankin (1987-1989)

Kenneth Clarke (1986-1987), Harvard Divinity School

Amy Hadley (1982-84), Harvard Divinity School

Judy Gourley, Harvard Divinity School

Clair Bamberg Johnson, Harvard Divinity School (Congregationalist)

Bruce Johnson, Harvard Divinity School

Joanne Thompson (United Church of Christ)

Nina Cullen Gray, Andover Newton Theological School

Martha Munson, Andover Newton Theological School

Anne Larson (Lutheran)

Maury Landry (1977-1979), Harvard Divinity School

Lincoln Holmes (1976-1978)

Craig McClellan, Harvard Divinity School

Katie Herzog (1975-1977), Harvard Divinity School (Jewish)

Cheryl Stewart (1975-1977), Andover Newton Theological School (Baptist)

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