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To enter an event not now listed, click this button:

To fetch a currently listed event in order to edit it, delete it, or edit a copy of it to make a new event: First, select the month and year of the event:


Then, click one of these buttons:

    in the month selected above.
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Optional: Before clicking one of the bottom three buttons, you can specify which types of events you want.

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Include my events.

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Instructions for the Event Editor

Hint: Print a copy of this page and keep it for reference.

 Events: An event can have the following 20 possible parts (known as fields
  • 3 required:
    1. Type.
    2. Title. Title of the event or talk (not of the speaker).
    3. Date. The date of the event, not today's date.
  • 11 other basic:
    1. Speaker. This can be the moderator, discussion leader, or other person in charge.
    2. Affiliation. Speaker's institution.
    3. Time. Time of the start of the event.
    4. Duration. For single-day events.
    5. End date. For multi-day events such as exhibits.
    6. Location. Use supporting pages and lines belowfor location details.
    7. Social activity. Refreshments or reception, with time.
    8. Up to 16 Location details & supporting lines.
    9. Change notice, for events that are rescheduled, postponed, or cancelled.
    10. Up to 5 supporting pages with further information.
    11. Expert Mode, if some fields are HTML rather than plain text.
  • 6 advanced:
    1. Setup time.
    2. Cleanup time.
    3. Instructions, e.g., room configuration.
    4. Contact person.
    5. Comment.
    6. Lock, to prevent unauthorized changes to an event.

To add a new event:

To edit an existing event or add a supporting page:

To create a new event by starting with a copy of an existing event:

To delete an existing event:
Do not delete an event simply because it is old or past. The event should remain in the archive for future reference. The normal calendar display uses a movable window so that events from the past are not displayed unless requested.

Questions or problems? Ask the webmaster for help.

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